Accommodating disabled workplace

Most Ss had personal interviews, and they completed (1) a modified version of the Attitudes Toward the Employability of Persons with Severe Handicaps Scale (L. Inexperienced Ss rated negative worker characteristics as a stronger impediment to hiring than did experienced Ss. The purpose of this paper was to determine what drives workplace discrimination against people with disabilities.

(Psyc INFO Database Record (c) 2007 APA, all rights reserved) Chan, F., Mc Mahon, B. These findings are then compared to available literature on attribution theory, which concerns itself with public perceptions of the controllability and stability of various impairments.

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An employer might reassign an employee to a vacant position if they can no longer perform the essential functions of his or her current job.

If there is a delay in processing the request, the individual with the disability should be notified in writing and informed of the date on which the supervisor/Human Resources professional expects the process to be completed. Initiating a Request: The employee is responsible for requesting a workplace accommodation for a disability.

The request should be made to either the employee’s supervisor or Human Resources professional.

People with disabilities may just have the skills and competencies you require within your organization yet they are often under-employed.

It is important to consider how your organization can tap this potential source of employees.